“Celebrating 13 Years of Service to School and Community”
The Da Vinci Society of Southwest Miami Senior High
School in order to acquire a better understanding of and promote
the ideals of Humanism and the spirit of the Renaissance was
established in 2004.

The Da Vinci Society shall serve as an organization with the
following objectives at its core:

(A) Service to school and community
(B) Assist the student in character growth
(C) Uphold the ideals of The Renaissance
(D) Strive to develop and achieve the Renaissance qualities
found in the concept of virtu. These qualities being but not
limited to upward mobility, self-reliance, imagination, creativity,
adaptability, forethought, well roundedness, completeness, and
having many skills and abilities.
(E) The study of Humanism.
(F) Assist the student in being a complete and well-rounded
individual living in a modern and free society.

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