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Due Date: January 12, 2017 (Seniors) • April 13, 2017 (Underclassmen)
Seniors must have all community service hours complete and turned in no later than January 12th of their senior year. Seniors will not be allowed to purchase Grad Nite or Grade Bash tickets if they have not met their twenty (20) hours of community service required for graduation. All other students must have their community service hours turned in no later than April 13th. Community service hours will only be accepted for the year that the hours were performed. With the exception of tenth-grade students, who are not enrolled in a Social Science class, who will turn in their records directly to Mrs. D. Viera by April 7th in Room 585, all complete community service records must be turned in to the student’s Social Science teacher.
Mrs. Diana Viera can be reached at 305 – 274 – 0181 Ext. 2412 or her classroom, room 585.