Principal’s Message

Eagle Family,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you back to Southwest Miami High School. I am truly proud of last year’s accomplishments and eager to begin the 2023-2024 school year. I certainly look forward to a year filled with positive energy and continued positive results. The task is upon all of us to unite and assist Southwest Miami in working towards continuing our stance of Excellence. It is evident that the “A” our school just earned was based on teamwork, dedication, and a student-centered focus. We made gains in various components of our school grade, including Language Arts, Mathematics, Biology, and US History. Our graduation rate for our seniors was an impressive 97% this last school year! This year promises to be an exciting one with an eight-period day, new programs, and more rigorous course offerings. We take pride in our school and its accomplishments and must continually work for excellence and growth in all areas of our school program. It is our goal to be recognized as a school of excellence through our achievements in academics, certifications, dual enrollment, athletics, and activities. We continue to streamline our coursework into academies across the curriculum and have developed plans to assist our students in a holistic manner. As the master schedule becomes finalized, please keep in mind that changes are ongoing as we continue to meet the needs of all our students. Each of you is vital in achieving this goal; you are all important pieces of the puzzle. We look forward to an extremely productive and exciting school year!”

One Family One Eagle Nation,

Jorge Bulnes
Southwest Miami Senior High School